Paul Brown on What the Fear-free Organization is all About?

In this video Paul Brown Co-author of the The Fear-free Organization discusses why the human brain has become such a focus in business and how his book is intended to help organizations harness the energy that people bring to work to produce results. The Fear-free Organization is a ground-breaking new book that reveals how our new understanding of the neurobiology of the self - how the brain constructs the person - can transform for the better the way our businesses and organizations work.

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Why Successful Change Requires More than Just Systems, Processes & Procedures

Change is a constant and increasingly permanent aspect of modern business – and we are not adapting quickly enough. Too few of us possess genuine change capability as we struggle under the weight of escalating change initiatives and expectations. Research collaboration between the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and i4cp found that only 17% of business and learning professionals surveyed rate their organization as highly effective in managing change initiatives. That’s not very encouraging when most organisations are facing a minimum of three major changes per year (2014). Successful change of any type ultimately requires people to do something different....

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